Middle School

Sixth Grade Interdisciplinary Field Trip Links Chinese, History, and Science March 16, 2018

Chinese, history, and science

From the desks of Science Teacher Sarah Moser and Chinese Teacher Cathy Wang On February 27, the Class of 2024... Read More

Fifth Grade Genius Hour Sparks Innovation February 8, 2018

Fifth Grade Genius Hour

from the desk of Fifth Grade Teacher Monica Burrows “What if……you could learn about anything you wanted?”  This was the... Read More

Middle School Science Olympiad Team Wins Eight Medals January 31, 2018

At the NJ Science Olympiad Regional Tournament on January 11, the MFS Middle School Science Olympiad team earned eight individual... Read More


Middle School Advisories Examine Issues of Diversity and Identity January 24, 2018

Middle School Advisories

from the desks of Middle School Advisory Program Coordinators Tina Corsey and Jake Greenberg Middle School is often when kids... Read More


Learning Through Struggle January 19, 2018

learning how to learn

From the desk of Middle School Math Teacher Kathi Bernard “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that... Read More


Showcase Leaders and Mentors: Building Community in Middle School December 7, 2017

Showcase Leaders and Mentors

From the desk of Middle School Director Kimberly Clarkson Sense of community is often viewed as an intangible; something difficult... Read More