18th Annual Science and Engineering Expo at Moorestown Friends

The Moorestown Friends School 18th Annual Science and Engineering Exposition (S.E.E.) took place on Thursday, April 21. Students in Grades 5 – 12 showcased more than 200 displays of science learning for students, faculty, staff, and families..

Exhibits included:

  • Electrically wired model houses and a K’Nex car challenge (Grade 5 – Physical Science)
  • A city of earthquake-resistant buildings designed and built by students, where a 7.0 magnitude earthquake was recreated to test how the buildings withstand the shaking (Grade 6 – Earth & Space Science)
  • An oversized Periodic Table of the Elements to learn about the materials in everyday objects (Grade 7 – Physical Science)
  • A tour of the insides of the eyes, ears, nose, and more (Grade 8 – Anatomy & Physiology)
  • The rare pygmy Pitch Pine fire in the Pine Barrens (Grade 9 – Ecology)
  • The ways evolutions shaped the world around us (Grade 9 – Evolution)
  • The pros and cons of bringing back the wooly mammoth (Grade 9 – Genetics)
  • How to improve your favorite recipe for pumpkin bread with leaving agents (Chemistry I)
  • Light, motion, and sound effects in the home-like setting of Arduino controlled miniature displays (Physics I)
  • Mixing and matching fruits and veggies to optimize your protein intake (Nutrition)
  • Is smiling contagious? How does fear change you? Are childproof lids really childproof? SEE the research. (Psychology)
  • Suggestions for improvements in the MFS environment as a step towards improving the Earth. (Environmental Science)
  • A rubber band car competition (Physics)
  • How does the sun bleach your hair? Does hydration production a better athletic performance? Why does physical therapy help joint repair? (Anatomy and Physiology)

S.E.E. was held in the Red Gym, the Field House Gym, and the Practice Gym at MFS.

View photos of S.E.E. 2016