The 21st annual Science and Engineering Exposition (S.E.E.), held on April 25, featured over 200 student-made displays of creativity and innovation. Parents, peers, faculty/staff, and Lower School students paid visits to three gyms where Grades 5-12 presented research posters, demonstrations, informative models, games, and maker activities.

Exhibits included:

  • Model cars and houses
  • Food science and the connection between food marketing and nutrition
  • Models of human organs and systems
  • Models of the sun and planets
  • Experiments in botany, ecology, evolution and genetics
  • Scavenger Hunt and Escape Room challenges
  • Building and engineering activities
  • Analysis of carbon footprints
  • The Science of Sound (homemade instruments)
  • Anatomy & Physiology research
  • …and more!

This year’s S.E.E. also honored the 150th anniversary of the periodic table. For the past several years, S.E.E. has included a large-scale display of the periodic table, and 7th graders continued the tradition for 2019.

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