A Day in the Life of an MFS Student by Aidan Short ’23

Marketing and Communications Department Student Intern Aidan Short ’23 spent a day capturing an inside look at a day in the life of an Upper School student. Enjoy this peek at MFS through Aidan’s lens.


Students sit prepared to take a test in their Nutritional Science class.

Nick Owens ’23, ponders his response on a short answer question for his Nutritional Science class.

Science Teacher Matt Lubicky, “Mr. Matt,” aids a student on the multiple choice section of his test.

Sumin Kim ’23 makes her final touches to her essay response questions.

Students watch an Ultimate frisbee tournament after completing their tests.

Artese Brown ’23 shapes the nose of his clay head while listening to Art Teacher David Gamber explain the next step.

Huseyin Deryal ’23 lifts weights during his fitness and wellness class.

Annika Yeh ’23, and Art Teacher Ailsa Stevenson carefully solder a ring together with a torch in Jewelry Design class.

Nathan Jewett ’23, plucks the bass chords while listening to his fellow band members practice.

Sulayman Hussain ’23, middle, Gianna Minghenelli ’22, right, and Morgan Stepanski ’22, left, pose for a picture before heading to class.

Ninth graders walk to the Meeting House to learn about the class officer election process.

Miles Wilkins ’25 listens intently as class officers begin to explain what it means to be an elected officer.

Micheal Huettl ’23 pulls back his hair as he steps up for a 1 vs 1 football match during lunch.

Juniors unwind a bit during lunch as they begin their standard pickup football game.

Evan Kolaris ’22 races Vanya Weinstock ’23 for the football during lunch.

Jaylen Patel ’23, stares intently at the screen as his teacher, Steven Shaffer, shows a video about the value of hiking.

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