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Why Early Musical Education Can Unlock Developmental Potential

Music is a language of joy, which brings people together, creating connections that are shared between communities and generations while also evoking deep personal feelings and emotions. While music plays a part in the lives of all people – adults and children alike – there are developmental reasons for teaching music at a young age.

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Kelly’s Korner: Multidivisional Partnerships

Building school spirit and a supportive community are important goals of all multidivisional partnerships. Whether through a cross-divisional curricular project, Teachers’ Aide/Buddy program, or the adoption of a sports team, multidivisional partnerships and experiences are a unique and memorable part of an MFS education!

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Preschool Cleanup Strategies

Before preschool cleanup, we assign jobs. Each person, including adults, has a job to do. The jobs must be specific, especially for young children.

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Intentional Waiting in Preschool

As the children decided to run through the trees, I was challenged to wait. Malaguzzi reminds us of the permission that we have for intentional waiting in preschool, to be with the trees, and to appreciate the moment.

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Growing Young Preschool Leaders

At the heart of servant leadership is the idea of serving alongside others. Each child leads by example, takes on challenging roles, and inspires by honoring the ideas and capabilities of their peers.

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Preschool Parental Support: What Can I Do At Home?

“What does preschool parental support look like and what can be done at home to support the child?” This is a frequent question for parents at our Moorestown preschool, and, when carefully considered, one which has the potential to support growth and connection in our preschool students.

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Supporting Parent-Teacher Communication

Sending your child to school for the first time is a big deal. Not only is this a new adventure for preschool students, but it also is new territory for parents. Communication between parents and teachers can make this a joyful transition.

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The Concept of Yet in Preschool

The concept of “Yet” is the idea that a gap in our knowledge or performance can be understood as something that we have not accomplished “Yet.” I believe that the concept of “Yet” is an important one as we think about the children in our Moorestown preschool.

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Creating Rich Spaces for Preschool Children

In my Preschool classroom much thought is given to the use of space and materials. I strive to create rich preschool environments in which children can find possibility, and, at the same time, purpose.

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Preschool Conflict Resolution Part Two: Reactive Problem Solving

As parents and educators, we all know that children experience frustration and conflict. Whether it be a disagreement about a toy with a peer, anger about the outcome of a situation, or an attempt at play which went inexplicably wrong, young children find themselves in situations of conflict.

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