Quest Program – 7th Grade

Quest is a multi-disciplinary, inquiry-based approach to learning that places a high value on students’ interests and age-appropriate developmental needs. It primarily encompasses 7th Grade History and English (Quest: Humanities), in partnership with 7th Grade Science (Quest: Science).

Building on powerful results of existing collaborative and individual inquiry and project-based programs, such as the 5th Grade Genius Hour, the 7th Grade Interdisciplinary Final Project, and our Middle School Science Program, the MFS Middle School created space for student-directed learning to ignite the passions and support the intellectual curiosity of our talented students.

The Quest curriculum gives students more autonomy over their learning, allows them to make cross-curricular connections in the humanities, and coordinates with the science program to enhance the learning experience.  Through Quest, students continue to develop and apply important academic skills, such as literary analysis, research methods, and scientific problem solving.  Additionally, each individual builds the skills to approach problem solving and their own educational experiences from multiple perspectives.

Academically rigorous and engaging, Quest supports students as they develop the ability to think and learn independently.  Key to this program is a shift away from a traditional practice of assessment and letter grading, to one that is more qualitative and growth- and feedback-focused. Through goal setting, self-reflection, and regular communication between teachers, students, and home, students grow into motivated learners and reflective individuals.

Our unique Quest Program provides space for Middle School learners to harness their natural curiosity and become more self-motivated learners, leaving them well-prepared to persevere and advocate for themselves in the rigorous academic programs offered in the Upper School.


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