The Middle School curriculum is designed to meet the needs of students who are going through important personal stages of development socially, academically, physically, and intellectually. To this end, the Middle School strives to create an environment that helps students to become enthusiastic about their work at school, while also helping them develop skills that will serve them well in Middle School, Upper School, college, and beyond. During this period of self-discovery, students are presented with a range of opportunities for learning about themselves and about the world in which they live. 

The Middle School Curriculum Guide can be accessed at this link. In 2018 the Middle School launched its innovative 7th Grade Quest Program. General information about Quest is included in the Curriculum Guide and a more detailed description can be found on the Quest Program page of our website.

Quakerism is an integral part of life at Moorestown Friends School. It underscores the school’s philosophy and approach towards education. Quakers believe that life has a spiritual dimension and that understanding and developing that dimension is as fundamental to education as mathematics or reading. In the Middle School, the Quaker concern for spiritual education is transmitted in a number of ways: through service activities; through formal classes; through attention to Quakerism’s central values of integrity, harmony, equality, simplicity, and community; and through a deep commitment from faculty and staff to the nurture of spiritual life and the student experience in Meeting for Worship.

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