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Stokes Hall

Stokes Hall is the school's visitor and Admissions entrance. This three-floor building contains administrative offices, conference rooms, technology education classrooms, and the Woodward Henry Diller Memorial Library.

The Woodward Henry Diller Memorial Library

The Library's bright setting includes comfortable seating and a cheerful color scheme. Students have access to a wide variety of books, periodicals, and technology.

The Lower School

Lower School learning is hands-on; subjects come alive as students read, write, ask questions, interview experts, conduct experiments, take field trips, and share their learning. Engagement in visual arts, music, physical education, technology, Library, and Spanish complement the traditional academic program.

The White Building

Located next to the Lower School, the White Building is home to two Beginnings classrooms. Beginnings is the MFS Early Childhood Education program. Preschool begins at age three, followed by Prekindergarten and Kindergarten.

Preschool and Kindergarten Music

The music program provides many musical experiences for children at all levels. Students learn about music, and singing, and experimenting with sound.

The Middle/Upper School Entrance

The main entrance to the Middle/Upper School building, located on The Oval, serves as a focal point when seniors enter their outdoor Commencement ceremony.

Middle/Upper School Classrooms

MFS prides itself on small class sizes. The faculty/student ratio stays low each year so that students can get to know their teachers and benefit from hands-on experience.


The 450-seat MFS Auditorium hosts numerous concerts, performances and assemblies throughout the year.

The Arts Center

Photography courses include access to studio lighting and an editing lab.

The Computer Lab

Students use state-of-the-art computers to create video, music, websites, and learn about computers, tablets, and mobile technology.

Mecray Courtyard

Mecray Courtyard was dedicated in 2012. This relaxing sitting area is located outside of the Field House.

McShap Path

McShap Path connects the main MFS campus to Hartman Hall. The tree-lined walk passes by the Community Garden.

Community Garden

Environmental Club established the Community Garden in 2014. Middle School Service Club planted the first seeds, and Lower School Science and Upper School Biology Teachers have integrated the garden into their curricula.

Hartman Hall

Hartman Hall, established in 2012, is located on the Greenleaf property. The building features eight math classrooms, a choral music suite, a tech lab, and more.

Hartman Hall Choral Suite

Middle and Upper School choral groups include A Cappella Choir, Concert Choir, Middle School Choir, and Fifth Grade Choir. Upper School Choirs travel every other year to perform at choral festivals.

The Greenleaf Building

During the summer months, the Greenleaf Building is transformed into a hub for MFS Summer Scholars, including a book nook, "Action Room," nurse's office, and art room.

Tennis Courts

On-campus athletic facilities include five tennis courts, six playing fields, two baseball diamonds, and four gymnasiums.

Athletic Fields

Middle and Upper School athletes enjoy plenty of space on the six bustling fields. Friends Schools League competitive teams include field hockey, tennis, soccer, cross country, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, golf, swimming, and track and field. MFS also offers a highly competitive fencing program that competes in the NJSIAA.

Field House

The MFS Field House is home to varsity basketball games and fencing competitions. The Field House is one of four gyms that support the MFS physical education program.

Meeting House

Home to Moorestown Friends Meeting, the Meeting House was built in 1802. Students (beginning in Kindergarten) faculty, and staff participate once each week in Meeting for Worship. Many faiths and beliefs are represented at the school and the curriculum in each division includes the study of faith and religions found worldwide.

Meeting House

Students and faculty use Meeting for Worship to reflect deeply on the world around them, according to their own faith traditions. Since Friends believe that each person, no matter how young, is able to discern truth, all are welcome to speak from their hearts if so moved. When Meeting for Worship is over, students close the Meeting by shaking hands.

Dining Hall Commons

The Dining Hall Commons is located adjacent to West Building. It includes a large dining and multipurpose space, with acoustics designed to function well for lectures, dances, and other special events.

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