Alumni Association Awards

The Alumni Association Service Award and Alice Stokes Paul Merit Award are two of the highest honors that the Alumni Association of Moorestown Friends School can bestow.

Thousands of students have attended MFS and have pursued careers in all walks of life. It is only fitting and proper that we recognize individuals who have used their talents to serve the school, and individuals who have made significant contributions to the community or to their professional fields while maintaining a close connection with MFS. In appreciation of the broad constituencies represented by the Alumni Association, on occasion, these awards may be presented to an honorary alumnus, perhaps a member of the faculty, a parent, a School Committee member or other distinguished individuals.

In 2005, the Alumni Association created the Young Alumni Award to celebrate the accomplishments of younger alumni.

The Alumni Association Service Award

A nominee shall be one who, through unselfish interest, loyalty or personal commitment, has enhanced the quality of life in the Moorestown Friends School community. The nominee should also be currently involved with the school through volunteer work, contributions or other ways.

Past Recipients of the Service Award:

2001: Floss Brudon*
2002: G. MacCulloch “Cully” Miller*
2003: Lou Matlack ’53
2004: Neil Hartman
2005: John Caughey
2005: Cynthia Eni Yingling ’75
2006: Tak Moriuchi*
2007: Sandy Heath
2008: Warren Nelson ’58
2009: William Diller ’59*
2010: Connie Muldowney
2011:  Warren Sawyer
2012: Phil & Naomi Lippincott
2013: Tom & Debbie Whitesell
2014: Grace Kennedy Blackburn
2015: Fred Moriuchi ’65
2016: William R. Archer ’61
2017: Bill Gardiner ’67
2018: William E. Teale ’58 and Mary McAllister Teale ’58
2019: Patricia Ann Metzer ’59


The Alice Stokes Paul Merit Award

An individual who exemplifies the best qualities of MFS, including honesty, integrity, fairness, a commitment to serve others, and a dedication to equality and justice. One or more of the following criteria should be present in the profiles of nominees:

  • One who uses his or her education from MFS or affiliation with MFS and gives of himself or herself to make the world a better place.
  • One who has achieved a standard of excellence in one’s chosen endeavor or field.
  • One who has made significant contributions to his or her community, whether it is Moorestown or the community in which he or she lives.
Past Recipients of The Alice Stokes Paul Merit Award:

2003: Ken Mayer ’68
2004: Mary Ellen Avery ’44*
2005: Mustapha Khan ’80
2006: Lisa Bobbie Schreiber Hughes ’76
2007: Thomas R. Hedges, III ’67
2008: Elizabeth Whitney “Whitty” Ransome ’63
2009: Anne Rosenberg ’74
2009: John Stubbs ’54
2010: Christian Hansen ’50*
2011: Judith Greenfield Faulkner ’61
2012: Robert Smith ’42
2013: Debbie Miller Hull ’63
2014: Peter and Bonnie Greenfield Reagan ’64
2015: Fredric Jameson ’50
2016: Paul “Terry” M. Mecray ’56
2017: Miriam Feyerherm
2018: Dana Calvo ’88
2019: Maria Elena del Socorro Jefferds ’89


In addition, from time to time the Alumni Association Awards Subcommittee may present a Young Alumni Award. As a community, we feel it is important to recognize the achievements of our young alumni. It is through the achievements, leadership, and commitment of alumni in their early years that the Moorestown Friends School’s tradition of excellence will continue.

The Young Alumni Award

This award may be made to a recent MFS graduate on or before the Fifteenth Reunion, who has distinguished him/herself either through meritorious achievement in the early years of his/her career or through exceptional service to the community or to the school. The recipient of this award will have demonstrated commitment to the values and spirit of Moorestown Friends School after graduation by one or more of the following:

  • Pursuing unique and rigorous academic, artistic or athletic challenges.
  • Leading their surrounding community or business in keeping with traditional Quaker values.
  • Providing exemplary service to the School or to their community-at-large.

Eligible recipients must have been active members of the Moorestown Friends School community during his/her high school years. This award will be given only when the meritorious action of a recent graduate warrants celebration and recognition.

Past Recipients of The Young Alumni Award

2006: Sarah Adelman Corliss, Class of 1996
2009: Brian Weaver, Class of 1999
2010: Meruka Gupta Hazari, Class of 2000
2011: Jordan Barbour, Class of 2001
2012: Robin Nelson, Class of 1997
2013: Brian Turner, Class of 1998
2014: Palav Babaria, Class of 1999
2015: Heather McKay, Class of 2000
2016: Kara Duffy, Class of 2001
2017: Sonia Mixter Guzman, Class of 2002
2018: Erika Richardson Hall, Class of 2003
2019: Kristi Hunter-Ryan, Class of 2004
2019: Christopher Setz-Kelly, Class of 2004

Nomination Process

Any member of the MFS community may nominate an alumnus or alumna or honorary alumnus or alumna for the Alumni Service Award, the Alumni Merit Award or the Young Alumni Award. A committee appointed by the Clerk of the Alumni Association and the Head of School will review the nominations. To nominate an individual for awards, please complete the nomination form by clicking here. The awards are presented at the Dinner Among Friends on Alumni Weekend.