Upper School Studio Art students recently created unconventional paintings using non-traditional materials such as coffee grounds, jewelry, cereal, and shark teeth. Although much of the work is ephemeral — for example, cocoa powder on paper — they photographed the paintings to preserve and display them.

Sarah Henig ’15 created a portrait of Kanye West for the project.

“I used Hershey’s cocoa powder, a paintbrush, and my fingers,” said Henig. “I was inspired by Kanye’s power through his being and his music — I don’t always find him to be an agreeable person, but definitely very powerful. Through Studio Art these past two years, I’ve learned that you can deliver powerful messages through what you create.”

Click here to view more of the students’ artwork.

The classes’ inspiration, Vik Muniz, is a Brazilian artist who photographs objects such as diamonds, thread, chocolate syrup, and garbage to create imagery referring to pop culture and art history.