Girls’ Middle School Basketball-B

mfsmsbasketballbFull Schedule:

Please visit directions at each “Location” link as not all events take place on the host school’s campus.

10 Dec 2018Abington FriendsAbington Friends3:45 pm
14 Dec 2018Friends SelectFriends Select4:45 pm
04 Jan 2019RivertonRiverton M.S.3:45 pm
07 Jan 2019St. Peter'sHOME3:45 pm
11 Jan 2019AudubonHOME4:45 pm
14 Jan 2019Friends CentralHOME4:45 pm
22 Jan 2019CarusiCarusi Middle School5:00 pm
23 Jan 2019Germantown FriendsGermantown Friends4:45 pm
25 Jan 2019CollingswoodCollingswood4:00 pm
08 Feb 2019WesttownWesttown4:45 pm

Head Coach
Ailsa Stevenson

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