Girls’ Upper School Basketball V

Full Schedule:

Please visit directions at each “Location” link as not all events take place on the host school’s campus.


09 Dec 2019Overbrook (SCRIMMAGE)HOME4:00 pm
10 Dec 2019Camden Catholic (SCRIMMAGE)Camden Catholic3:45 pm
12 Dec 2019Pennsauken Tech. (SCRIMMAGE)Pennsauken Tech3:45 pm
17 Dec 2019Lenape (SCRIMMAGE)Lenape3:45 pm
20 Dec 2019Westampton Tech.HOME4:00 pm
27 Dec 2019CherokeeCherokee1:45 pm
28 Dec 2019Washington Twp.Cherokee12:00 pm
07 Jan 2020WesttownHOME5:30 pm
08 Jan 2020Academy New ChurchAcademy New Church4:00 pm
10 Jan 2020Germantown FriendsGermantown Friends5:30 pm
11 Jan 2020SJIBT Tour.HOMETBD
14 Jan 2020ShipleyHOME6:00 pm
17 Jan 2020George SchoolHOME5:30 pm
21 Jan 2020Friends SelectFriends Select4:00 pm
23 Jan 2020Friends CentralFriends Central4:00 pm
25 Jan 2020HaddonfieldHoly Cross1:45 pm
26 Jan 2020ESPN Shootout vs. EwingOcean City1:45 pm
28 Jan 2020Abington FriendsAbington Friends4:00 pm
31 Jan 2020FSL 1st Round 4v5TBD4:00 pm
04 Feb 2020FSL 2nd Round-Semi'sTBD4:00 pm
05 Feb 2020FSL Q-Cup 1st RoundTBD4:00 pm
07 Feb 2020FSL Finals/Q Cup TBD7:30 pm
08 Feb 2020SJIBT Tour.TBDTBD
09 Feb 2020SJIBT Tour.TBDTBD
10 Feb 2020PembertonPemberton5:00 pm
14 Feb 2020SJIBT Tour.TBDTBD
15 Feb 2020SJIBT Tour.TBDTBD
16 Feb 2020SJIBT Tour.TBDTBD
21 Feb 2020RiversideHOME4:00 pm
24 Feb 2020Paul VIPaul VI4:00 pm
25 Feb 2020ClearviewHOME4:00 pm
03 Mar 2020NJSIAA 1st Round (If Qualify)TBDTBD
05 Mar 2020NJSIAA 2nd Round (If Qualify)TBDTBD
10 Mar 2020NJSIAA Sectionals (If Qualify)TBDTBD
14 Mar 2020NJSIAA Finals (If Qualify)TBDTBD


Friends Schools League Standings

Head Coach
Michael Brunswick

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