Girls’ Upper School Lacrosse JV

Full Schedule:

Please visit directions at each “Location” link as not all events take place on the host school’s campus.


11 Mar 2019Burlington City (Scrimmage)Burlington CityTBD
13 Mar 2019Gateway (Scrimmage)GatewayTBD
14 Mar 2019Holy Cross (Scrimmage)HOMETBD
09 Apr 2019George SchoolHOMETBD
10 Apr 2019MillvilleHOME5:30 pm
13 Apr 2019FSL JV Tour. @ WTNWesttown10:00 am
16 Apr 2019WesttownHOMETBD
18 Apr 2019PenningtonPenningtonTBD
22 Apr 2019WoodstownHOMETBD
23 Apr 2019Academy New ChurchAcademy New ChurchTBD
25 Apr 2019ShipleyHOMETBD
30 Apr 2019Germantown FriendsGermantown FriendsTBD
01 May 2019CinnaminsonCinnaminson3:45 pm
06 May 2019Burlington CityHOMETBD
08 May 2019N. BurlingtonNorthern BurlingtonTBD

Note: All TBD above means they follow after Varsity matches. 


Friends Schools League Standings

Head Coach

Samantha Swire

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