COVID-19 Awareness and Information

Our mission, values, and a commitment to the health and safety of our community members are central to how Moorestown Friends School is navigating decisions surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We recognize that people all over the world are being affected by this virus, and we are guided by both real-time information from experts as well as our core value of respect for all human beings.

MFS continues to closely monitor and evaluate the latest information about COVID-19 and has created this page to serve as an ongoing resource for our community. We will keep it updated with new information as it becomes available. In February 2020, Head of School Julia de la Torre formed a Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) to make key decisions and proactively address the school’s needs. In May 2020 she formed the Committee on Reopening School (CRS), whose mission is to plan for how MFS will open the 2020-21 school year. Click here to visit the Return to School 2020 web page. We thank you for your partnership as we make decisions with the best interests of our students, faculty/staff, and families in mind.

The School Committee has approved an Emergency Financial Aid Fund to assist families whose financial circumstances have changed due to the pandemic. Visit the Financial Aid page to learn more about this program.

Health and Hygiene

At school, students and employees can reduce the spread of COVID-19 by maintaining healthy behaviors, including regular handwashing, the use of face coverings, good coughing etiquette, social distancing, reduced mixing between groups, and limited sharing of supplies or materials. Staying home when exhibiting any signs of illness is particularly important and we ask that all families adhere to this request. MFS will work hard to ensure children remain connected to their classrooms, and teachers will make reasonable adjustments to support students’ continued learning. In this way, no one will need to take the risk of coming to school when sick. All of these layered tactics will mitigate the overall risk to the community.

Please refer to the Return to School 2020 web page for much more information.

COVID-19 Information Sources

We recommend the following sources for accurate and up-to-date information on COVID-19

Previous School Communications

Questions and concerns may be sent directly to the Coronavirus Response Team (CRT) at crt@mfriends.org.

Coronavirus Response Team: Julia de la Torre, Jenel Giles, Meredith Godley, Evan Haine-Roberts, Noah Rachlin, Jen Raue (School Nurse), Mike Schlotterbeck, and Lisa Carbone Warren.

Resources for Parents and Guardians

We recognize that supporting students to understand the changing situation surrounding Coronavirus can be a challenge. We hope the following resources give you a starting point for talking to your children about the issue.

How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus
New York Times Parenting

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Psychology Today

Just For Kids: a Comic Exploring the New Coronavirus

Explaining the News to Our Kids
Common Sense Media

Questions and concerns may be sent directly to the Committee for Reopening School (CRS) at reopening@mfriends.org.