The Upper School Dance Team had great success in the DanceXplosion competition at Voorhees Middle School on May 18-19, taking home a total of seven individual and group trophies.

The team received three first place trophies in the Senior Xccelerated Division under the categories of Small Group Musical Theatre, Small Group Jazz, and Large Group Hip-Hop. Individual first place trophies also went to Bella Dunn ’21 in the Teen Open Solo category, Lizzie Cohen ’19 in the Senior Hip Hop Solo category, and Veyoni “Muffin” Davis ’22 and Blythe O’Connor ’22 in the Teen Hip Hop Duo category.

The team received three platinum ratings (for the solos of Bella Dunn, Lizzie Cohen, and Ali Benjamin ’23), four extreme gold ratings, and one gold rating. All dances placed within the top 10 routines overall in the Senior and Teen Xccelerated categories.

The Dance Team Showcase on Friday, May 31, at 7 p.m. in the Auditorium will feature all of the team’s competition routines from this semester.

MFS performances during the weekend included:

Saturday, May 18

3:19 pm – Small Group Lyrical (Bella Dunn, Lizzie Cohen, Nae Maddrey ’22, Veyoni “Muffin” Davis, Blythe O’Connor, Amy Yin ’21, Annabelle Crescenzo ’21)

4:40 pm – Large Group Hip-Hop (Full Team)

5:50 pm – Small Group Musical Theatre (Mariana Goldlust ’19, Lizzie Cohen, Veyoni “Muffin” Davis, Janiah McRae ’22, Annabelle Crescenzo, Blythe O’Connor, Abby Dawson ’21)

7:00 pm – Small Group Jazz (Ali Benjamin, Jordan Brunner ’19, Liz Huettl ’19, Mariana Goldlust, Janiah McRae, Bella Dunn)

Sunday, May 19

9:21 am – Bella Dunn solo

9:30 am – Ali Benjamin solo

10:18 am – Liz Huettl solo

1:06 pm – Liz Huettl/Bella Dunn duet

1:10 pm – Blythe O’Connor/Muffin Davis duet

1:14 pm – Lizzie Cohen/Liz Huettl duet