Fourth Graders Lead Virtual Lower School Assembly

Fourth graders recently spent several weeks planning for and leading a virtual Lower School assembly for the first, second, and third grades. They divided all students into three groups and organized a range of activities, including a scavenger hunt, an art project, a Kahoot game, a read-aloud story, and more. Students in Sarah Rotter’s group did a real-aloud of “I Am Human: A Book of Empathy” by Susan Verde.

While this has been a challenging year during the pandemic, fourth graders continue to serve as positive role models for younger students, even remotely. “Fourth graders at MFS are the elders of the Lower School and are always looking for opportunities to demonstrate their leadership skills,” said Rotter. As leaders, these students play an active role in fostering community.

The students in fourth grade were all excited to see their friends in first, second, and third. When asked what they enjoyed most about the assembly, Aislinn responded with “different activities” while Shiv said “breakout rooms.” Audrey and Ella agreed that working and mixing with other classes was a highlight of the experience.

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