Students of All Ages, Faculty, and Staff Celebrate Friendship Day

Feb 14, 2019

Meaningful conversations, thoughtful discussions, enjoyable games, Meeting for Worship, stories, activities, and more created an atmosphere of sharing and community at the schoolwide Friendship Day celebration today.

Mixed-aged groups of students (approximately 15-20 students in each group) gathered with faculty/staff members throughout the school. Groups were led by Middle School students in team-building games such as “Crazy Counting,” “What Am I Doing?” and “Zoom Eek.” An “Inner and Outer Circle” exercise allowed group members to share with each other their personal definitions of peace, along with many other tidbits such as favorite foods, personal points of pride, inspiring music, and much more.

Upper School students were charged with leading a Courageous Friendship activity which centered around reading and acting out the book I Really Like Slop, by Mo Willems. After reading the book aloud and acting it out, the Upper School students facilitated discussions about the book and its themes with questions like: “What do you believe to be true about friendship?”

All groups attended a 30-minute Meeting for Worship during which fourth grade students shared messages of friendship out loud.

Friendship Day started in 2015 as a schoolwide celebration of the International Day of Peace. In 2016, the date was changed from September 21 to February 14.

See a few moments from the Friendship Day celebration below and visit the SmugMug album for more.

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