Great Kids, Going Places
Hometown: Camden

Activities/Honors: National Assoc. of Biology Teachers Award; Actress in MFS theater productions; Concert Choir; Symphonic/Jazz Ensemble; Animal Awareness Club; Chess Club; Pride Club

Memorable Academic Project: Built a skeleton using materials such as tin foil, manila folder, and clay for Anatomy/Physiology class

Senior Internship: Quality Packaging Specialists International

College Destination: University of Pennsylvania

Career Interest: Medicine
“At Moorestown
  Friends, I was
  able to genuinely
  be myself.”
– Kennedy Sanders
Hometown: Medford

Activities/Honors: Eagle Scout; Model UN President; Varsity Swimming; Actor in MFS theater productions; Admissions Ambassador

Memorable Academic Project: Capstone project which studied the effects of sleep deprivation on high school students

Senior Project: Parker McCay law firm

College Destination: Cornell University

Career Interest: Patent Law
“MFS has given me
 a strong academic
 foundation as I
 head off to college.”
– Jacob Schoifet
Hometown: Delran

Activities/Honors: Varsity Fencing and Golf; Actor in MFS theater productions; Stage Crew; FoxTrot Business Competition winner; U. of Sciences Healthy Lifestyles Social Media Contest finalist; Dungeons and Dragons Club; Video Game Club

Memorable Academic Project: Developed and taught Modern Astrophysics class as part of capstone project

Senior Internship: Hanamirian Law Firm, P.C.

College Destination: University of Rochester

Career Interests: Patent Law and Computer Science
“MFS creates
  opportunities for
  each student to
  shine in their own
  individual way.”
– Jake Rosvold
Hometown: Moorestown

Activities/Honors: National Merit Scholarship Finalist; National French Honor Society; National French Exam Grand Prize; School Newspaper - Editor-in-Chief; JHU Cogito Research Scholarship Award; Delaware Valley Science Council Reuben Shaw Memorial Award; NJ Governor’s School in the Sciences; Varsity Swimming and Golf; 2015 SJ Steinway Piano Competition - First Place

Memorable Academic Project: Worked in a lab at UPenn conducting independent biomedical research

Senior Internship: BaseCamp Ventures

College Destination: Yale University

Career Interests: Medicine, Music, Neuroscience
“I matured greatly
  intellectually, but
  especially personally,
  during my time
  at MFS.”
– Edward Gelernt
Hometown: Mount Laurel

Activities/Honors: Varsity Field Hockey; Model UN; School Newspaper; Animal Awareness Club; Girl Scout

Memorable Academic Project: Wrote and published a historical book on New Jersey in the 1920s

Senior Internship: Dare Boutique

College Destination: Elon University

Career Interest: Strategic Communications
“At MFS, your classmates
  become your family
  and you learn to be
  the best ‘you’ possible.”
– Rachel Brown
Hometown: Medford

Activities/Honors: National Merit Commended Scholar; Varsity Baseball - Captain and Friends Schools League First Team All-Star (2015 and 2016); School Newspaper

Memorable Academic Project: Organized a mock impeachment trial in history class

Senior Internship: 3D Physical Therapy

College Destination: Washington University in St. Louis

Career Interests: Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy
“Moorestown Friends
  is unique because of
  the trust placed in
  students to be
  young adults.”
– A.J. Dunham
Hometown: Lumberton

Activities/Honors: Goalie on Varsity Girls’ Soccer – 2014 and 2015 NJSIAA South Jersey championship teams; Friends Schools League All-Star; School Newspaper; Penn State University Summer Multimedia and Broadcast Journalism Camp

Memorable Academic Project: Junior history class term paper about 1958 plane crash involving the Manchester United soccer team

Senior Internship: South Jersey Magazine

College Destination: Syracuse University

Career Interests: Sports Journalism and Media
“MFS has been my
  second home for the
  past 15 years, where I
  was encouraged to
  succeed in multiple
  aspects of my life from
  sports to academics.”
– Gaelyn Gregory
Hometown: Lumberton

Activities/Honors: Varsity Girls’ Soccer – 2014 and 2015 (Captain) NJSIAA South Jersey championship teams; Friends Schools League All-Star; Varsity Girls’ Basketball - Captain; Actress in MFS theater productions; Deborah Heart and Lung Challenge team; Young Epidemiology Challenge team; MFS Singers; Gender Equality Forum; Pride Club; Service Committee

Memorable Academic Project: Created a blog which focused on women in the military and gender violence

Senior Internship: Cancer Treatment Centers of America

College Destination: Vanderbilt University

Career Interest: Emergency Room Physician
“MFS supports the
  entire person,
  not just the student.”
– Kathryn Gregory
Hometown: Medford

Activities/Honors: Student Government; Actress in MFS Theater productions; MFS Singers and Women’s Choir; Varsity Swimming; Service Committee; Drama Club; Hiking Club; Poetry Club

Memorable Academic Project: Junior year history research paper about the history and evolution of Black Friday

Senior Internship: Aon Banfield

College Destination: Tulane University

Career Interests: Politics and Economics
“The MFS community
  supported me and
  helped me become
  more confident
  in myself and my
  abilities while
  challenging me at
  the same time.”
– Skylar McClane
Hometown: Moorestown

Activities/Honors: Varsity Boys’ Soccer – Captain of 2015 NJSIAA South Jersey championship team; Varsity Baseball - 2016 FSL All-Star; 2015-16 MFS Most Outstanding Male Athlete (Herm Magee Award); Peer Leader; Global Youth Leadership Camp; Soccer Scholarship to St. Joseph’s University

Memorable Academic Project: Working for the Phillies for Senior Internship learning business side of professional baseball

Senior Internship: Philadelphia Phillies/Citizens Bank Park

College Destination: St. Joseph’s University

Career Interests: Business and Finance
“Although I'm beginning
  a new chapter in my
  life, I know I am
  the man I am today
  because of MFS.”
– Matthew Mullock
Hometown: Hainesport

Activities/Honors: Girls’ Cross Country - three-year captain; National Spanish Honor Society; Performed piano at International Day of the Girl Summit at United Nations; Service Committee; Peer Leader; Alice Paul Institute Girls Advisory Council; Burlington County Library volunteer

Memorable Academic Project: Intensive Learning trip to Cuba

Senior Internship: Alice Paul Institute

College Destination: Lehigh University

Career Interests: Mathematics and Computer Science
“Faculty are not just
  teachers, but also
  role models
  and friends.”
– Margaux Vellucci
Hometown: Willingboro

Activities/Honors: National Merit Commended Scholar; Class Vice President; Robotics Team Captain; Nominated for NJ Governor’s School of Engineering & Technology; Xerox Award for Innovation and Information Technology; Science Olympiad; Soccer

Memorable Academic Project: Building a small vertical axis wind turbine

Senior Internship: Sea Box, Inc.

College Destination: Rice University

Career Interest: Electrical Engineering
“MFS is a tightly knit
  community where
  all students are
  able to pursue
  their passions.”
– Travis Benedict
Hometown: Camden

Activities/Honors: Princeton Prize in Race Relations Certificate of Achievement; National Spanish Honor Society; MLK, Jr. Club President; PRIDE Club President; Peer Leader; National Hispanic Recognition Program; Student Diversity Leadership Conference; Volunteer at Camden City Fire Department

Memorable Academic Project: Research project exploring relationship of sexuality and race among three racial groups

Senior Internship: Fair Share Northgate II

College Destination: Columbia University

Career Interests: Medicine, World Languages and Public Policy
“It is a rarity to find
  a place of education
  that values community
  as much as MFS.”
– Mia Zayas
Hometown: Lumberton

Activities/Honors: Field Hockey - All-State and Friends Schools League All-Star (2014 and 2015); Quaker Youth Leadership Program; Worship Planning Committee

Memorable Academic Project: Hamlet paper in senior English class

Senior Internship: 3D Physical Therapy

College Destination: Haverford College

Career Interests: Speech Pathology and Physical Therapy
“The teachers are what
  distinguish MFS from
  other schools; their
  dedication and love
  for their profession
  is made clear to
  every student
  from their first
  day to their last.”
– Rylee Fennell
Hometown: Cherry Hill

Activities/Honors: National Merit Commended Scholar; National French Honor Society; Yearbook Editor-in-Chief; Actress in MFS theater productions; Varsity Tennis - Captain; Admissions Ambassador

Memorable Academic Project: Served on defense team in mock trial of Frankenstein in sophomore English class

Senior Internship: Hovatter, Friedman, Saputelli & Levi P.C.

College Destination: New York University

Career Interests: Finance and Marketing
“MFS provides a
  culture of respect
  and understanding for
  each other and for
  differing viewpoints.”
– Sasha Katsnelson
Hometown: Willingboro

Activities/Honors: Varsity Cross Country and Lacrosse; Gender Equality Forum; Film Club; Alice Paul Institute Girls Advisory Council; W.E.B DuBois Scholars Institute at Princeton University, Jack and Jill of America, Inc. (South Jersey and Burlington-Willingboro chapters); Girls' Justice League; Volunteered at La Casa Latina at UPenn

Memorable Academic Project: Paper for Caribbean Literature class

Senior Internship: National Constitution Center

College Destination: George Washington University

Career Interest: International Relations
“I was able to cultivate
 my voice and passion
 for social justice in a
 safe environment where
 my peers and teachers
 encouraged difficult discussions.”
– Breanna Riddick
Hometown: Lumberton

Activities/Honors: National Chinese Honor Society; All-South Jersey Orchestra (Cello); String Ensemble; Girls’ Fencing - Captain and All-State in Saber; Varsity Girls' Soccer - 2014 and 2015 (Captain) NJSIAA South Jersey championship teams; Girls’ Lacrosse - Captain; Girls’ Tennis - Friends League All-Star;  2015-16 MFS Most Outstanding Female Athlete (Herm Magee Award); Video Game Club Founder and President; Deborah Heart Challenge; Science Olympiad; Special Olympics Volunteer

Memorable Academic Project: Biology video group project examining anatomical differences between marsupials and placental mammals

Senior Internship: Sunset Road Medical Associates

College Destination: Johns Hopkins University

Career Interests: Medicine and Engineering
“MFS helped me grow
 as a leader, student,
 and friend.”
– Erin Chen
Hometown: Hainesport

Activities/Honors: National Merit Commended Scholar; Burlington County Times Teen Excellence Award winner; Varsity Lacrosse - school record for saves in a career; Varsity Soccer - goalie for 2015 SJ champions; Varsity Swimming; Actor in MFS theater productions; NJ Consumer Bowl Captain - 2016 NJ State Champions; Model UN; History Bowl and Bee; Student Government; Middle School MATHCOUNTS Coach; Chess Club President; String Ensemble (French Horn)

Memorable Academic Project: For Senior Project - prepared a 15-minute presentation on "basic" stability to a group of Coast Guard 'Prevention' officers

Senior Internship: U.S. Coast Guard

College Destination: United States Coast Guard Academy

Career Interest: To be commissioned as Ensign in U.S. Coast Guard
“MFS develops
  extremely well-
  rounded students,
  who show respect
  and dignity to others.”
– Josh Murdy
Hometown: Moorestown

Activities/Honors: Varsity Baseball – Captain, All-League, and All-Time Pitching Wins Leader in School History; Varsity Soccer and Swimming; Student Government - Class President; Stage Crew; Peer Leader

Memorable Academic Project: Research project on the book Catch-22

Senior Internship: Philadelphia Phillies/Citizens Bank Park

College Destination: Vassar College

Career Interests: Psychology, Business, and Government
“MFS gives each
  student the belief
  in themselves to
  tackle any challenge.”
– Mitchell Mullock
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