Religion Department Hosts Interfaith Assembly

Middle School students attended a special Interfaith Assembly on April 22. The presentation featured students and faculty from different faith backgrounds, including Judaism, Islam, Mennonite Christianity, Quakerism, Presbyterianism, and Hinduism.

“The Interfaith Assembly is sponsored by the Friends Stewardship Committee and the Religion Department,” said Religion Department Chair Priscilla Taylor-Williams, who coordinated the event with Quaker Education Teacher Melissa McCourt. “This is our fourth year hosting this assembly in the Middle School. Each year, we have a different set of religious backgrounds represented.”

Prior to the event, students were invited to submit questions for the panel members to address on stage. Panel members also prepared answers to the following question, in order to combat stereotypes: “What do you wish everyone knew about your religion?”

Senior Bria McKenzie, who spoke at the assembly, enjoyed watching the Middle School audience react to the panelists’ presentations.

“I could tell exactly which religion some students practiced, because when a panelist from that religion began to speak, their faces would light up and they would whisper to their friends,” said Bria. “I saw one child point to himself and say to his friend, ‘That’s me.’ It was really nice to see so many Middle Schoolers feel validated.”


View Photos from the Interfaith Assembly