Lower School Classes “Adopt” Varsity Sports Teams

This fall, a few Lower School classes have “adopted” a varsity sports team. Throughout the fall season, the Lower School students will get to know and follow the athletic progress of the Upper School members of the Girls’ Tennis, Field Hockey, Girls’ Soccer, Boys’ Soccer, Girls’ Cross Country, and Boys’ Cross Country teams. Lisa Martin’s prekindergarten class has adopted the Girls’ Tennis team. Fourth graders in Sarah Rotter’s class adopted the Field Hockey team. Emily Gojman’s fourth grade students have adopted the Boys’ Soccer team. Kindergarten students in Emily Bowditch’s class adopted the members of the Girls’ Soccer team. Ted Quinn’s third graders have adopted the runners on both the Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country team.

During their initial visit to the Lower School classrooms, the varsity athletes introduced themselves and shared details about their sport, specific positions, and goals for the season. Lower School students, in anticipation of their adopted team’s’ visit, made some drawings and “good luck” cards for their Upper School buddies.

Team captains will keep in touch with their adopted Lower School classroom with game updates and dates of home games on campus. If any big wins or milestones are reached, the Lower and Upper School students are eager to celebrate together.