Math Department Celebrates “Pi Day of the Century”

Pi jokes, clever t-shirts, pie, baked goods, and unique math fun were all part of the celebration of Ultimate Pi Day, or Pi Day of the Century, at Moorestown Friends School today. Pi is an irrational number, whose decimal expansion does not end or repeat. Its first few decimal places are 3.141592653, so tomorrow, March 14, 2015 at 9:26 and 53 seconds, for the only time this century, it will be in line with the date and time. Since tomorrow is not a school day, the Math Department celebrated Pi Day of the Century in grand fashion today.

Jokes heard today from students:

“Why was the girl afraid of the y-intercept? Because she was afraid to get stung by a b”ee!”

“Why don’t you want to get hit in the face with pi? Because it never ends!”

Photo: The MFS Math Department in Pi apparel

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