MFS Digital Digest – 4/14/20

Apr 14, 2020

There have been many creative lessons and activities in all divisions during Virtual MFS. Several teachers have shared glimpses at these events with the Communications Department. Enjoy these snapshots:

  • Kindergarteners created dragon masks as a group art project.
  • Middle School students participated in a virtual scavenger hunt that allowed them to test their research skills.
  • The Upper School hosted Divisional Community Time through Zoom; students used this time to generate ideas for weekly grade-level competitions in the weeks to come.
  • Teachers are using virtual whiteboard tools to guide students through lessons (for example, in this screenshot of Grade 3 Teacher Rachel Mainwaring teaching fractions).
  • MS/US Art Teacher Nicole Edmund created digital art galleries of student work that visitors can “walk through,” such as this collection of seventh graders’ Two-Point Perspective projects.
  • Teachers have used Q&A tools like Edpuzzle to give students the ability to answer questions during recorded lessons (see an example from French Teacher Séverine Fortune here).


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