by Charlie Tanas ’20, Marketing and Communications Student Intern

Science Olympiad at MFS allows students to explore and study their ambitions in the sciences that are not taught in a conventional science class. Within the scope of Science Olympiad, Middle and Upper School students work hard in and outside of the class to research topics anywhere from anatomy to zoology, and and are tested on their findings in an annual regional competition that takes place at Camden County College. If students place high enough at the regional competitions, they move on to the state competition. In this year’s competition, the Upper School MFS Science Olympiad team received three medals at the regional competition, while the Middle School team captured eight medals.

“Science Olympiad provides a free space for students to express their passion in science, and dive deep into scientific concepts with great support from their teachers and peers,” said Michael Aviles, the Upper School Science Olympiad advisor. As one of the greatest advocates of Science Olympiad at MFS, Mr. Aviles explains how Science Olympiad has helped students discover new passions in science and blossom into even better science students inside the classroom. When asked about how he thinks Science Olympiad affects students inside the classroom, Mr. Aviles responded: “I believe Science Olympiad at MFS allows students to not just become better science students, but better learners also. Even in the science classes I teach, students that have taken Science Olympiad better understand the connection between science and the real world, and enjoy looking deeper into the topics we discuss in class.”

MFS students are given the opportunity to participate in MFS Science Olympiad from the elementary school level, and are encouraged to continue their research as they move up in grade levels. At the elementary and middle school levels, Mrs. Bruvik advises the MFS Science Olympiad teams, and believes that beginning Science Olympiad at a young age is a great way for students to learn how to go about researching their passions, as well as prepare them for Upper School.

Overall, the MFS Science Olympiad program is geared to helping students become better learners within the sciences, while also preparing them for a higher education environment, where they will be challenged to research topics independently.