At the NJ Science Olympiad Regional Tournament on January 11, the MFS Middle School Science Olympiad team earned eight individual medals:

  • Disease Detective 4th place – Sreehita Hajeebu ’23 and Zahra Rizvi ’23
  • Picture This 6th place – Nicholas Owens ’23 and Jack Kim ’23
  • Road Scholar 2nd place – Elliot Smith ’22 and Laz Rizor-Mossgrove ’22
  • Rocks & Minerals 5th place – Otis Thomson ’22 and Turner Jobes ’22

Pictured are: Otis Thomson, Jack Kim, Nicholas Owens, Turner Jobes, Sreehita Hajeebu, Laz Rizor-Mossgrove, and Elliot Smith. Not pictured is Zahra Rizvi