Middle School Students Construct a Ga-ga Pit

On June 4, a group of Middle School students completed construction of a Ga-ga pit on the Athletic Fields. Ga-ga is an outdoor game that is likened to below-the-knees dodgeball, with striking, running, and jumping using one ball.

The Middle School Student Government, advised by Chester Reagan Chair Priscilla Taylor-Williams and Middle School Dean Tina Corsey, drew up a proposal for the Ga-ga pit and presented their plans to Middle School Director Kimberly Clarkson. Once the design was approved, the Student Government and others set to work to fundraise money for the materials and build the pit for the Middle School, all in less than two weeks. Assistance was provided by MS/US Art Teacher Michael Webster and Physical Facilities Manager Larry Brandimarto.

Middle school students involved with the project were: David Abiola, Lauren Articolo, Makayla Boxley, Sabrina Burrows, Bailey Butterworth, Anthony Carrano, Sara Chesnick, Colin Cooper, Callista Crisonino, Ed Crisonino, Abby Dawson, Mike DeMercurio, Aaniella Desai, Jordan Dunn, Griffen Elias, Lizzy Geyer, Maria Graham, Ella Hanamirian, Cassi Kennedy, Mike Klein, Katerina Kostopoulos, Angelica Larluz, Sophie Mayser, Ella Miller, Albert Nieves, Esha Nittoor, Miles Oglesby, Kayla Patel, Michael Paznokas, Jasmine Phillips, Henry Powell, Danny Quigley, Michael Quigley, Josh Strauss, and Peter Tummarello.

The students look forward to playing Ga-ga during their lunch breaks in the upcoming school year.

See a video of the first Ga-ga game here.