Eleven Middle School students have qualified for the 2019 Middle/Elementary Division National Championships of the US History Bee and Geography Olympiad and two for the 2020 Geography Bee World Championship. The national competitions will be held on June 7-10 in Rosemont, Illinois (near Chicago), and the international competition will be held in 2020 (location TBD).

A total of 18 MFS Middle School students qualified for regional competitions after scoring highly on the initial online exam. The Philadelphia North Regionals were held on March 10 at Friends Central and the Philadelphia South Regionals were held on March 23 at Cinnaminson Middle School. They were two of 40 Regional Finals events nationwide that featured the region’s top students in Grade 8 and under competing for the opportunity to advance to the National History and Geography Bee Finals. Regional finals are set up as a buzzer-based competition (think Jeopardy!) that is both fun and academically rigorous.

The following students placed in the top three in their History Bee divisions: Zaydan Lalani ’26 (1st Place – Grade 5 and Younger), Ali Sabir ’26 (2nd Place – Grade 5 and Younger), Ayanna Uppal ’25 (2nd Place – Grade 6), and Avani Verma ’24 (3rd Place – Grade 7).

In the History Bee: Congratulations to Jack Cranmer ’25, Shaan Doshi ’23, Sreehita Hajeebu ’23, Gabriel Harvey ’25, Kira Patel ’24, Ava Savino ’23, Aidan Short ’23, Evan Weinstock ’23, and Matthew Will ’25 for qualifying for the Regional Finals. Good luck to Zaydan Lalani ’26, Colton Oatway ’24, Ali Sabir ’26, Himanshu Sahore ’24, Jenna Serotta ’23, Ayanna Uppal ’25, Avani Verma ’24, and Vikram Verma ’25 at the National Championship.

In the Geography Olympiad and Bee: Good luck to Willie Didie ’26Zaydan Lalani ’26, Ayanna Uppal ’25, Colton Oatway ’24, Evan Weinstock ’23, Kira Patel ’24, Ali Sabir ’26, and Vikram Verma ’25 at the National Championships of the International Geography Bee and US Geography Olympiad and Avani Verma ’24 and Jenna Serotta ’23 at the International Geography Bee World Championship in 2020.