Each summer, Middle School students are challenged to read a variety of books and encouraged to read for pleasure. Students are able to earn special prizes based on the number of books they read.

On Friday, October 23, seven fifth grade students enjoyed a few rounds of mini-golf in the school library, which was one of the reward options for completing the Grade 5 Book Bingo Summer Reading Challenge. They read a minimum of 12 books of different genres, including historical fiction, mystery, graphic novel, Sci-Fi/Fantasy, as well as a Newberry Award winner and a book recommended by a parent. 

Parent volunteers helped Head Librarian Martha Reilly create a number of mini-golf holes throughout the library, with stacked book obstacles and bumpy hurdles for the fifth graders to navigate. The students were enthusiastic about tracking their strokes and par for each hole on their scorecards and reveled in the friendly competition. At the end of the course, additional extra prizes were awarded for holes-in-one and for completion of a particularly challenging loop element of one hole.