Model UN Students Enjoy Success at University of Delaware Conference

A sizable Upper School Model UN delegation enjoyed great success at the HenMUN Conference at the University of Delaware February 24-26.

History Department Chair and Advisor Clark Thomson summarized:

“There are many tales and great work done by all from addressing Zika to working on plans for refugees to fixing economic crises in Italy and Greece. Students played roles on both the Bolshevik and Menshevik factions during the period of transition before the Bolsheviks took power. Sadly, all of our Mensheviks were assassinated. On the 1960s CIA, our chemist formulated a plan to destroy the Cuban sugar crop with genetically engineered bugs. Wonderful fun and diplomacy was had.”

MFS students receiving honors were:

  • Matthew Knowlton ’17 earned Honorable Mention as Cuba working for the World Health Organization.
  • Camille Aguilar ’17 earned Outstanding Delegate as Uruguay on the Social, Cultural and Humanitarian Committee.
  • Ian Millstein ’18  earned Outstanding Delegate as Uruguay on the Social, Political, and Decolonization Committee.
  • Calum Boone ’18 earned Outstanding Delegate as Paraguay on the International Monetary Fund.
  • Andrew Lin ’18 earned Outstanding Delegate as Georgi Plenkhanov working on the Menshevik Crisis Committee.
  • Alex Horn ’17 and Tyler Radack ’17 earned Outstanding Delegates as Uruguay on the United Nations Security Council.
  • Anna Goula ’18 earned Best Delegate (and a gavel) as Italy in the European Union.

Front – Camille Aguilar, Anna Goula, and Ian Millstein.
Back – Calum Boone, Andrew Lin, Alex Horn, Tyler Radack, and Matthew Knowlton.