By Andrew Rowan ’19, Marketing and Communications Student Intern

“We’re rolling in 3…2…1!” is a common phrase heard in the new MFS broadcast studio in the Greenleaf Building. The Upper School online student newspaper, WordsWorth, is utilizing the new studio to produce a weekly news broadcast.

The studio is a two-sided room. On one side, a multicolored lighted set backdrop with the school emblem sits on a glass panel behind two chairs and a news desk. Behind the scenes, four lights, three cameras, and a microphone help the space become camera ready. The other side of the room includes a wall painted “chroma green,” allowing for any color, picture, or graphic to be placed behind them (like weather forecasts!).

Academic Technology Coordinator and Co-WordsWorth Advisor Diana Day has been the force behind development of the studio. Having enjoyed her own high school’s broadcast program, she was eager to provide a broadcast studio as a resource for her journalism students.

Originally a print-based newspaper, WordsWorth now only publishes to its website, using the studio as its new form of media which supplements online articles. The studio allows the show to have a “home,” a space that compliments the broadcast’s show. With the new space and show, student reporters have learned new techniques in visual storytelling, using pictures, tweets, voice overs, b-roll, and other multimedia to help tell the story.

Just like any good news story, this studio will evolve as new forms of production come along, making each broadcast better and better.

Check out the show “Fox Tracks” each Monday morning on mfswordsworth.com