New Faculty Spotlight: Jen Murphy, MS/US French & Spanish Teacher

The World Languages department welcomes Jen Murphy as a Middle and Upper School French & Spanish Teacher. This year, Jen will teach French I and III, Spanish I, and serve as a Middle School advisor.

Jen holds two French degrees, a B.A. in French Studies from Bard College and a M.A. in French Literature and Foreign Language Pedagogy from the University of Delaware. Before joining the MFS faculty, for four years she taught the entire French program, from eighth through twelfth grade, at Flintridge Preparatory School in La Canada, CA. Prior to that position, she taught English in France through the Embassy’s Assistantship Program. Jen has also participated in many summer teaching seminars in both France and the U.S., and, during the summer, works as a College Board Advanced Placement grader.

At MFS, she is looking forward to getting to know her students and sharing her love of the French language and culture in her classroom.

“I love introducing middle school students to the diversity of cultures in the world,” said Jen. “I enjoy helping them develop their critical-thinking skills as they examine how other cultures hold values similar or different to those in their own community. I just have always enjoyed simply being in a school environment, and I want to be a part of how schools are changing in the 21st century.”

Music is another passion of Jen’s, from classical to metal, and she would have become a professional violinist if French had not continually called her attention in college. Jen also practices Ashtanga yoga regularly. At home, she enjoys spending time with her dog and husband, as well as her family in Easton, PA.