New Faculty Spotlight: Jennifer Landesman, Prekindergarten Teaching Assistant

Before she was a parent or educator at Moorestown Friends, Jennifer Landesman knew MFS was a special place. During one of her visits to campus for an Open House, Jennifer and her husband were thoroughly impressed with the confidence and eloquence of an Upper School student they met. The student talked about the broad selection of academic courses, the small class sizes, the Quaker values, and the strong feeling of community. Jennifer was delighted with her visit, and enrolled her son, who is now in Grade 10.

Now transitioning to another role, as a faculty member, Jennifer enjoys being a part of the MFS community in a different way. As the Prekindergarten Teaching Assistant, she works with Lisa Martin in the White Building.

“I’m excited to learn from Lisa,” said Jennifer. “Lisa is a veteran teacher at MFS and an awesome person to observe and support. She will be a great resource for me.”  

Before she joined the MFS Lower School team, Jennifer had been the lead Prekindergarten Teacher at Small World Nursery School in Medford, the lead Prekindergarten Teacher at Peanuts Nursery School in Farmingdale, NY, and the Fifth Grade Teaching Assistant at Filbert Street Elementary School in Philadelphia. She holds a B.S. in communication from Boston University and a M.S.T. in Education from Fordham University.

It was during her studies at Fordham when Jennifer learned about Howard Gardner’s “Theory of Multiple Intelligences,” the educational philosophy that has greatly influenced her classroom style.

Commented Jennifer: “The theory made me understand as a teacher to find the bright spot in each child, or each child’s strength. Someone may not be that great at doing a math assignment but may be able to do math through dramatic play or through singing songs. So many kids have strengths that aren’t just book strengths. Setting the curriculum to what students bring to the table truly enriches the classroom, and allows the teacher to do many things and expands what you can do as a teacher.”

Apart from studying educational theory, Jennifer loves tennis. She and her family love to watch and play the sport, and they attended this year’s U.S. Open. She also enjoys theatre and seeing performances on Broadway and at the Kimmel Center.