New Staff Spotlight: Shu Shu Costa, Interim Director of Admissions and Financial Aid

When describing her work in admissions, Shu Shu Costa makes an artistic analogy.

“We sometimes think of it like a Norman Rockwell painting,” she says. “You have that little storefront and there’s a child with his or her face pressed against the window, looking in with curiosity. My job is to essentially be the first one to open the door for this person and this family to come in.”

As the Interim Director of Admissions and Financial Aid, Costa will welcome visiting families to MFS and tell the stories of the community, its students, and its faculty and staff.

Costa’s career as a storyteller began in journalism. She has worked in both print and broadcast media, and later wrote for magazines such as WSJ’s Smart Money, Redbook, Business Philadelphia, and Ladies Home Journal before publishing two books on Asian-American culture.

In 2006, she became Assistant Head and Director of Admissions at Princeton Friends School. “The schooling and the learning at PFS was very progressive,” Costa says. “We had to spend a lot of time getting to the essence of what education is and how we do what we do at Quaker schools. Sometimes it takes a little longer to explain, and I think families appreciate that.”

In addition to her admissions work, Costa has served as a board member of the Friends Council on Education for two years; she is currently treasurer and clerk of the Finance Committee. She also co-facilitates a two-year teacher training program called SPARC (Spirited Practice and Renewed Courage).

At MFS, Costa is especially excited to tell prospective students and families about the school’s resources and legacy. “It’s really about helping explain to them who we are,” Costa says. “It’s a wonderful community to do that in because ‘who we are’ is so rich and full of life, activity, and deep thoughtful care. I’m just happy to be a part of that.”