New Staff Spotlight: Sonia Mixter-Guzman ’02, Director of Annual Giving

Sep 14, 2018

Since her graduation from MFS, Sonia Mixter-Guzman ’02 has maintained her passion for service and philanthropy. As the new Director of Annual Giving, she hopes to inspire others to give to a community that has played a significant role in her life and career. “I’m so grateful to have been in these hallways for four years,” Guzman says. “Now I feel like I have the opportunity to give back.”

Guzman graduated from Rutgers University-Camden in 2006 and worked for ten years as Educational Outreach and Communications Manager for the Southern New Jersey Ronald McDonald House (RMH). She created print and digital content to promote RMH’s mission of assisting families with hospitalized children; she also managed K-12 educational efforts to inform children about the importance of civic engagement.

This year, Guzman will direct the communication and education efforts of the MFS Annual Fund. In particular, she hopes to roll out new ideas to inform the community about the Fund’s importance. “The Annual Fund makes everything else possible—everything that tuition doesn’t cover,” Guzman says. “In coming here, I had the opportunity to learn more about what we’re able to do.”

Guzman’s family is also a part of the MFS community; her son Vincent will begin preschool this year and her daughter Sadie will enter first grade. “I’m excited to be where they are and to be a part of the community that’s helping me raise them,” she says.

Above all, Guzman is eager to continue her communications and service work by informing parents and alumni about the opportunities their donations create. “The one thing I’ve always centered myself around was being of service to someone else,” she says. “I feel like that remains consistent coming to MFS.”

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