New Staff Spotlight: Stephanie Huie, Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications

Stephanie Huie joined the Moorestown Friends staff as the Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications in August 2015. In her role, Stephanie is most publicly seen as the school’s photographer, capturing classroom candids and school events, but the core function of her position is to be a storyteller.

“I tell the stories of MFS primarily through writing and photography,” said Stephanie. “I never had any experience before in photography, so it’s been challenging, but exciting, to experiment with lighting and angles to learn how to say something meaningful visually. With writing, I consider it an art form and I feel such responsibility to properly serve the content. Precise word choice, clarity, and the flow of the piece are so important for me.”

With her many galleries posted to SmugMug and articles published on the website, social media, and alumni magazine, Stephanie has had an abundance of opportunity during the past year to sharpen her craft.

Stephanie graduated from Johns Hopkins University in 2015, where she received her bachelor’s degree in history with honors and a minor in entrepreneurship and management, after three and a half years. Previously, she worked as a Historical Researcher for the Johns Hopkins Urban Health Institute, writing the full history of the organization. During her undergraduate years, she interned at the Johns Hopkins Undergraduate Admissions Office and participated in three high-level marketing and communications internships for Discovery Education, Educational Testing Service (ETS), and TerraCycle, Inc. Stephanie also served as Operations Coordinator in Administration & Programming for Camp Kesem, a summer camp for children whose parents have been affected by cancer.

With each of her professional experiences, Stephanie realized that she loved the unpredictability and creativity of marketing, but, idealistically, she’d like to contribute her skills in the field of education.

“Working in the marketing department at MFS is the perfect job for me that I never knew existed,” said Stephanie. “I love writing and developing unique ideas and initiatives. I’ve been exposed to photography, design, and magazine publication now, and I love pushing myself to think more artistically to create innovative visuals. However, working in a school environment is what motivates me the most because, in my small way, I strive to positively impact the community and the experience of the students.”

Stephanie lives in her hometown of Hamilton, NJ, but she considers Baltimore, London, and Disney World her “other” homes. She is a self-professed podcast nerd, hopeful world traveler, and plans to appear on The Amazing Race and Dancing with the Stars someday.