Spring 2018 – Web Extras

Spring 2018


Steven Benner, a biochemist at the Foundation for Applied Molecular Evolution in Florida, was quoted in the New York Times article “Cassini Flies Toward a Fiery Death on Saturn” on September 8. He theorized that life on Titan, Saturn’s largest moon, could potentially be based on some liquid other than water. Read the article here.

1994 and 1996

Gigio Longo ’94 and Peter Colono-Romano ’96 were featured on the RAI television show La Giostra Dei Gol in early January. The show is the equivalent of a show like The NFL Today, but focuses on the Serie A professional Italian football league. Gigio is the Director of Operations at the Gran Caffe L’Aquila, which is the official home of the Philadelphia A.S. Roma Club, and he and the local Roma correspondent Peter were giving insights into the passion of the Serie A fans in Philadelphia, live from the restaurant. The Philadelphia A.S. Roma club is one of the largest and most successful in America. Gigio shared, “Peter and I are lifelong Roma fans so for us to be on the show was a big moment for us. I remember going over to Peter’s house when I was 12 or 13, long before the Internet, and he would be reading Italian newspapers to get insight and news into what was going on in Italian soccer.” Watch the video clips here.


Keith Benson

Keith Benson (pictured at right), who has an Ed.D. from Rutgers, is an activist in Camden and is employed by the Camden School District. He had a prominently placed opinion piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer about Camden and the Renaissance Charter Schools published on January 1. Read the article here.


Brian Weaver, an accomplished illustrator under the pen name Neil Numberman, was named Illustrator of the Month for September by the children’s magazine Highlights. His humorous graphic work has been published by the magazine frequently the last few years. Check out one of his comics below. 


Austin Harris published an essay in January on RaceBaitR titled “Art Doesn’t Like Me: Contending with Brilliant, Problematic Films as a Black Person” about his thoughts on the tension between admiring classic cinema while acknowledging racist/sexist underpinnings of many films. Austin recently won the Lorraine Hansberry/Ralph Ellison Award from the NYU Center for Multicultural Education and Programs, an award that recognizes a student who has worked to promote the diverse representation of color in the arts, entertainment, and media. Read his essay here.