Behind-the-Scenes of the Cover Photo Shoot with Morgan Sloan ’14

About the Cover

This issue’s cover image was planned and photographed by Morgan Sloan ’14. Morgan is currently studying photography and imaging at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. Her work has previously been published in USA TodaySJ Magazine, and Cred Magazine.


What is your favorite genre of photography?

Documentary portraits. I love people, so I’ve always gravitated towards portraiture. I enjoy the interaction with people as I take their picture. I have two beautiful little sisters, Brady ’15 and Mattie ’17; they are my favorite people to document.

Where do you see yourself after you complete your degree at NYU?

I want to make work that is genuine and impacts people. I want my work to say something. I’m inspired by and feel passionate about feminist photography. Before I didn’t understand the need for feminism, but, as I’ve gotten older, I see how women are oppressed in many ways. I also hope to collaborate with other artists because I see the future trending towards mixed media.

How did the MFS arts program influence you?

I love the entire Art Department, but Michael Webster’s photography class introduced me to studying photography and learning about other artists. That was a big influence for me and really elevated my love for photography.