The artists provide perspective and insight into their sources of inspiration, the design process, and their personal artistic philosophy. 


christina-jacksonCHRISTINA JACKSON ’21, mirror

“What I most enjoy about Mr. Webster’s classes is the amount of support and freedom I have with my project. From the moment I walk into the woodshop room, I know that my ideas will be not only accepted but taken seriously.”














kayla-golas-1KAYLA GOLAS ’19, table

“With my most recent project I thought, ‘What if I try to incorporate something fragile into my design?’ As I developed my idea using teacups, it seemed like something like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland would have in his house. He had his chaotic tea party and I figured he might have a table with precariously balanced teacups as a leg if his table lost one.”










kayla-patelKAYLA PATEL ’21, table

“My table legs are supposed to resemble the double helix spiral of human DNA. I really like the technique of bending wood; it just looks so cool and, even though it’s difficult to do, the end result is worth it.”







karanMANKARAN BHASIN ’15, sculpture

“Mr. Webster and [Art Teacher] Ms. Edmund would plan art inspiration class trips for us. Once, they took us to a dollar store, gave us a budget, and challenged us to purchase as much as we could to create sculptures. I purchased clothespins and, because I was concentrating on my [AP 3D Design] portfolio on multiples of one object, I created an arc to see where it would go. It was a spontaneous design, but the dome and cube ended up being my favorite piece.”


jamal-pratt-1JAMAL PRATT ’15, sculpture

“My artwork focused on altering the perceptions of reality – contradicting assumptions about materials and the deception of materials. I want my art to cause people to do a double take and think ‘How does that work?'”




priya-shah-1PRIYA SHAH ’21
, sculpture

“Woodworking class is not about the grade. It’s about being creative. I love that our work is limited only to our imagination.”













zach-durr-benchZACH DURR ’18
, bench

“I saw a picture of a kitchen counter that had the waterfall edge on one corner, and that inspired me to create a cedar and concrete bench.”







eric-priceERIC PRICE ’16, sculpture

“My favorite technique to use for my portfolio was simple repetition. Many of the pieces I produced involved one object or form being repeated to construct a new creation.”









liam-schenkLIAM SCHENK ’19, chair

“My grandmother collects buoys from the ocean in Nova Scotia and Mr. Webster had some rotted-out cork buoys in his room, which were my inspiration for my project. The cork became my main material for the back of my chair.”



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