Flying W Airport – Senior Project Snapshots

Senior Project Snapshots

During the month of May, seniors engage in off-campus pre-professional projects. Students gain hands-on experience and receive an introduction to the professional world. At the conclusion of their Senior Project, students present reports to faculty and their classmates.


Senior Project: Flying W Airport

Scott Abrams – College of Charleston

How did you become interested in aviation and fulfilling your Senior Project at the Flying W?

A student in my grade, Armon Adibi, his dad, Sina, took us up in his plane last summer. We saw Six Flags, went down to the beach, and came back. After we landed, I realized, “Wow, this is definitely one of my biggest interests.” I was curious about it a little bit before, but once I had actually taken off – I mean, wow! After that flight, I really wanted to get involved. It’s interesting to talk to other pilots about their experiences. Sina helped me reach out to the manager at the Flying W.  

I also wrote a history paper during my junior year about the airline industry for Ms. McFeely’s honors class, because she gave us the option to tie our interests into the paper. It was a ten-page paper about British aviation and the development of the Concorde.

How would you describe your day-to-day work and what did you learn?

On the first day, I had no clue how to refuel a plane. Now I understand the basics. There’s a flight school here, so they do some pretty good business, and we refuel those planes probably once or twice a day. We also have a demonstration team and an air shred team. So they will take off and do loops and tricks. It’s really cool to see them.

How does the experience that you’ve gained tie into your career and college aspirations?

Well, I definitely want to continue with aviation. Not flying a plane to LA, but asking how does that plane get to LA? How does that plane arrive, and what needs to happen once it’s on the ground in Philly in order for it to take off to go to LA and be on time? I’m interested in the operations and the business side of it, and of course the finances of an aviation company.

I plan to major in business at the College of Charleston, and they actually have a transportation minor that I’m really interested in. I definitely think that my involvement at Flying W, with their airport operations, fueling the planes, and doing all the other stuff that needs to be done, will be a great addition to my resume.

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