English Teachers of MFS

Along this timeline are English department chairs and long-tenured teachers whose names and faces may resonate with many alumni. For a list of all MFS teachers who have contributed to the English department, please click here.

Harley Armstrong, 1944-1970

Jerry Delameter, 1965-1970

Chuck Boothby, 1976-1996

Katy Rinehart, 1994-201

Paul Shallers, 2004-201

Jean Ricketts, 1952-1970

Louise Morgan Geary, 1971-1987

John “Doc” LaVia, 1990-2000

Peter Larson, 1996-2011

Debra Auspitz Galler, 2005-present

Carolyn Franco Hedges, 1962-1976

Mary Williams, 1976-1998

Eileen Kogl Camfield, 1990-1996

Marjorie (Maggie) Ritchie Beck, 1997-2012

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