Quaker Values: A Legacy of Quakers

Let Your Life Speak: A Legacy of Quakers

Members of the Religious Society Society of Friends (Quakers) have a long history of contributing to society. These pages tell the stories of Quaker individuals and celebrate the significant contributions they have made. The purpose of these stories is to help our community understand the Quaker Legacy that is inherent to our school.

The Quaker belief in the “Inner Light” leads to faith in the ability of every member of the school community to reach his or her full potential. Programs such as The Examined Life help to form adults who will be able to contribute to their fields of endeavor and to society by acting as compassionate problem solvers and leaders.

The individuals highlighted below are role models who have used their faith to guide their significant contributions to the world.

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EliseBoulding KennethBoulding JocelynBellBurnell GeorgeCadbury ElizabethFry ElizabethHaddon EdwardHicks GordonHirabayashi RufusJones JosephLister RowlandHMacy LucretiaMott AnnPreston NozizweMadlala-Routledge BayardRustin JohnWoolman