Quaker Values: Meeting for Worship

Meeting for Worship

Meeting for WorshipEach week, the school community gathers in the Meeting House, built in 1802, for Meeting for Worship. There are separate Meetings for each school division. The form is simple: the group settles into silent reflection. Friends believe that each person has within herself, with God’s help, the ability to discern truth.

Participants use this time to pray, or worship, or simply reflect deeply on the world around them, according to their own faith traditions. Since Friends believe that each person (no matter their age) is able to discern truth, all are welcome to speak from their hearts if so moved. It is expected that their words will provide insight for the listeners. When Meeting for Worship is over, students on the facing benches close the Meeting by shaking hands. At this point, everyone is invited to briefly greet their neighbors before settling back into quiet for dismissal.

These are a few of the practices for students in Meeting for Worship:

  • Sit quietly with relaxed bodies.
  • Try to clear your mind and listen. Reflect on someone else’s message.
  • Be respectful of others’ worship.
  • Wait expectantly on God.
  • Speak when you have a message that is important to share with everyone. Speak only once, and loudly enough for all to hear.
  • Be present in the moment. There is a power in group worship that, while hard to explain, is real. It comes with practice and careful attention.