Technology at Moorestown Friends School

Computers are used throughout a student’s tenure at Moorestown Friends School to enhance the education of Preschool and Upper School students alike.

Technology Curriculum

From Preschool through Grade 12, technology is an important part of a well-rounded Moorestown Friends School education. Our students learn to use technology skillfully, creatively, responsibly, and strategically so they are prepared to make effective contributions to the rapidly changing world around them.

In addition to being a learning tool, technology is also a powerful teaching tool when integrated thoughtfully into the curriculum. Modern technology not only enables MFS students to communicate and collaborate in digital spaces, but it also engages the imaginations of 21st century learners, making for an exciting learning environment.

Our goal is to graduate students who are technologically literate. To this end, we adhere school-wide to the International Society of Technology Educators’ (ISTE) National Education Technology Standards for Students (NETS*S).

In Preschool through Grade 4, students use computers in their classrooms to reinforce foundational skills that are important to their overall academic development. Computer lab classes begin in Kindergarten and remain a requirement through Grade 9.

Skills taught include: research, website development, desktop publishing, graphic design, digital media, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, database design, Internet safety and computer ethics. Whenever possible, computer activities take advantage of opportunities to build on material presented in other courses, from language arts to health education. Computer use is especially significant in teaching geometry and music theory.

Upper School students have the opportunity to take courses in computer science, including major courses in AP Computer Science, Computer Science Principles AP/Honors, and Communication and Media Technologies. Recent minor course offerings include Advanced Topics in Computer Science, Desktop Publishing, Advertising and Design, Video Editing, Web Design, E-Business, and Service Learning. Moorestown Friends also has ongoing extracurricular computer activities for Lower, Middle, and Upper School students.


Moorestown Friends School has more than 550 computers throughout the campus, consisting of five computer labs, one Mac lab, ten laptop carts, and two mini-labs. Five of the laptop carts are for general use, and two are for the Middle and Upper School Science Department. Mathematics, World Languages, and the Lower School each have their own dedicated computer cart.

MFS is predominantly a PC school; however, there are several Macs and iPads available for use at each grade level. We have a MacBook Pro cart for high-end graphical and media use and two iPad carts. There is also high-quality video production equipment available for use and an editing studio for advanced students. All 5th graders are assigned an iPad for their first year of Middle School and all Lower School classrooms have iPads in each room.

Interactive whiteboards with projectors are in every classroom. The MFS campus has Wi-Fi accessibility throughout the entire school, and all Upper and Middle School students are able to connect with their own personal devices. The MFS Library houses a computer processing center for students to research and prepare written work. The library’s online catalog is available via the network throughout the school and from home. Students are also able to check out laptops, iPads, and digital cameras from the Library. Internet connections consist of cable and DSL with download capacity of up to 150 Mbps.

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