Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Honors and AP courses are offered in all academic disciplines.

AP courses are meant to be the equivalent of a first-year college curriculum. Experience has shown that students generally need to have demonstrated mastery at the A- level or higher in previous subject-area courses in order to be successful in AP courses. All students enrolled in AP courses must take the AP exam in May.

AP courses that have been offered in the junior or senior year include:

Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Statistics, Computer Science, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biology, Physics, Chinese, French Language, Spanish Language, Spanish Literature, English Literature, United States History, European History, Comparative Government, Music Theory, Studio Art.


Eligible students may seek permission from the department chair to accelerate within a particular discipline (e.g., math, world language) by tutoring, summer course work, or independent study. School-administered exams given late in the summer determine appropriate placement. Generally students need to have performed at the A- level or higher in previous courses of the same discipline in order to be considered for acceleration.

Independent Study

Independent study allows students to pursue a particular course of study not offered in the standard curriculum. It is open to students who have demonstrated the ability and desire to work independently.