Prekindergarten Celebrates Earth Day 2016

Prekindergarten students in both Lisa Martin and Paige Bloom’s classes celebrated Earth Day with parents, grandparents, and special friends. To learn about the importance of recycling and reusing resources to help take care of the Earth, the students rotated through four activities: creating a reusable canvas shopping bag, sorting different types of recyclables, planting flowers and vegetables in their “PrekinderGarden,” and crafting a stained glass Earth.

With each activity, the students were enacting the four R’s:

  1. Reduce the amount of trash thrown away in landfills
  2. Reuse items when possible instead of throwing them away
  3. Recycle items so they can be made into new things
  4. Rethink what we buy and use

From these lessons, the students could begin thinking about the responsibility of being a member of the greater global community and how to take proactive steps in protecting the planet.

View photos from the Prekindergarten Earth Day Celebration