MFS Welcomes Student Delegates to Virtual Quaker Model UN Conference

This past weekend (December 11-12) MFS Model UN student leadership welcomed nearly 100 delegates from six schools to the fourth Quaker Model United Nations Conference (QMUNC IV), hosted (virtually this year) by Moorestown Friends School.

The keynote speaker to kick off the two-day conference was Sophia Lalani (pictured), Senior National Security Advisor of President Joseph Biden’s United States Agency for International Development (USAID). She spoke about the present and future impact of four issues: the 15-year global decline in support for democratic systems and institutions, climate change, social media and misinformation, and the rise of China as an economic and political force. “It was a powerful talk and a fine way to begin our endeavors,” noted History Department Chair and Model UN advisor Clark Thomson.

MFS Secretaries General are Aaniella Desai ’22 & Roma Jha ’22. Committee chairs for QMUNC IV were Daniel Sorokin ’23, Ishaan Shah ’22, Shriya Reddy ’23, Vanya Weinstock ’23, Julianna Banfe ’23, Shay O’Connor ’23, Andrew Mercantini ’23, Ashleigh Sorokin ’22, Jordan Grabelle ’22, Nupur Shah ’22, Heera Dalal ’23, and Julia Tourtellotte ’22

“I remember well when each of these 14 students began their Model UN efforts as novices. Now, they are poised and prepared, ready to lead almost 100 delegates from six schools through a weekend of crises and collaboration,” commented Mr. Thomson.

Each QMUNC committee is based on one of the SPICES (listed below with the description):

Simplicity: Modern Korean War (Crisis)
In 2009, North Korea stopped all military deals with South Korea, and from this time to 2019, it conducted multiple testings of bombs and missiles. In fact, the DPRK claims that they have created missiles that can hit the mainland USA, and in 2018, DPRK refused nuclear disarmament and asked for Russian support in this decision. Because of the constant nuclear testing despite global pushback, North Korea and the USA are adversaries, and with nuclear availability rising, tensions are beginning to boil over. 

Peace: Berlin Blockade (Historical General Assembly: Disarmament and International Security Committee)
The Western Allies face a decision in 1948-49. They could evacuate the citizens of West Berlin, try to negotiate with the Soviet Union with the support of the newly-formed United Nations, figure out a way to get supplies into the city or simply abandon Berlin altogether. Their decision would determine exactly how involved the United States would be in Berlin—and in rebuilding post-war Europe. Nobody had ever supplied a city the size of Berlin before. If the allies evacuated, they would be handing the Soviets a huge win. Stalin is confident that no aid would be able to reach Berliners. What will your country choose to do?

Integrity: Roman Senate (Historical Crisis)
In the past, Caesar has consistently broken a number of rules, and his blatant violation of orders from higher authority has frustrated several members of the Roman Senate. Many Roman citizens are also worried about Caesar trying to take power for himself and disband the Roman Republic, which has stood for 500 years. However, Caesar is not the only issue that you, as the Roman Senate, will have to face. Food shortages have been plaguing the capital city as well, causing distrust between the poor and the rich and leading the poor to believe that the rich are taking all of the food. Thus, Rome has also become a center of crime because of widespread poverty and hunger. Rome has also been engaged in constant conflict for the past 100 years, plunging the republic into debt and a lack of soldiers. You as a Senate must handle the issues.

Community: The Office Season 2 – Downsizing (Crisis)
Every delegate will be playing a character from The Office at an imaginary point in time between Episode 20 and Episode 21 of Season 2. The downsizing has already taken effect in Dunder Mifflin Scranton. Regional Manager Michael Scott was made to fire one employee, Devon White. However, this was a temporary solution to the problem of a paper company failing to keep up with the times. Corporate is desperate to make cuts in order to keep the business alive. Corporate has looked at three possible solutions to this issue: downsizing, merging, and closing branches.

Equality: FIFA (General Assembly: Economic and Financial Affairs)
This committee will focus on the disparities and controversies plaguing FIFA, specifically the role of the World Cup. The current organization for FIFA fosters corruption and inequality. While some confederations benefit from this corruption, it is every nation’s responsibility to improve FIFA and bring back fairness to the World Cup.

Stewardship: Marvel/Post-Apocalyptic (Sokovia Accords Convention)
Welcome to the United Nations Conference on the Sokovia Accords. You are tasked with coming together to evaluate the legitimacy and necessity of the Sokovia Accords after the events of Avengers: Endgame have transpired. The Sokovia Accords are ratified documents by the United Nations as of Captain America: Civil War that limits the power that the Avengers hold. Under the Accords, the Avengers can only operate if and only if a UN body deems their intervention necessary. This, of course, sparked the events of Captain America: Civil War and in turn led to the Avengers being divided when they faced their ultimate foe, Thanos. Now, the Avengers are questioning the legitimacy of these Accords. It is your job as delegates to debate and decide if the Sokovia Accords should still exist in their current state after the events of Avengers: Endgame.

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