As the culminating project of their “Let Your Life Speak” unit, second graders in Ms. Sweeney and Ms. Bloom’s classes created a mural inspired by Edward Hicks’ Peaceable Kingdom painting. The mural, currently on display in the Dining Hall Commons, is a combination of twelve intricately detailed canvas boards.

Students used tempera paint, watercolor, paper, and felt to bring the scene to life. In the bottom left, a group of felt animals sits by the riverside, mirroring Hicks’ original painting. At the top left, viewers can spot a set of six apartment buildings adorned with the names of the six Quaker testimonies.

Finally, for the bottom right section of the mural, students created paper cutouts of well-known peace advocates and Quakers from across history. These include (left to right) Alice Paul, Malala Yousafzai, Martin Luther King, Jr., Octavius Catto, Lucretia Mott, George Fox, Harriet Tubman, and William Penn.

Click here to view a photo gallery, including close-ups of each section.

Click here to learn more about Edward Hicks and the original painting.