The Class of 2020 Celebrates Commencement

They had to wait over a month, but last night the Class of 2020 was finally able to celebrate Commencement in a private ceremony on the Oval. All graduates received their diploma in June via special delivery from faculty and administration. Student Commencement speakers selected by the class were Bailey Butterworth and Aaron Klein, and the faculty speaker was Math Teacher and Director of Scheduling Michael Omilian.

Click here to view a replay of the WordsWorth Commencement livestream.

Congratulations graduates and families!

Personally, I won’t remember the Class of 2020 as the group that lost key moments. I will remember you as the class that made new moments that were even more special. As you head to your next adventure, I can’t wait to see what you do with the detours. I know you will greet every opportunity with care, creativity, empathy, and love. As you sit in this special place, surrounded by buildings and grounds that have stood the test of time, I hope you find comfort–as I do–in knowing that generations of graduates before you faced incredible hardship and difficult moments in history. They built on the foundation they gained at MFS, they leaned on their community of friends, and they made the world better. As I stand here in your company today, facing the uncertainty of our collective future, I have no doubt that you will do the same. That you will stand for equity, justice, stewardship, integrity, and community. And you will make us proud. 

–Head of School Julia de la Torre

“I’m so proud of the graduates sitting here before you. I think if we’re really proud of who we have become, proud of what we have overcome, then we owe ourselves and those who have uplifted us reverence. And if you, like me, sometimes still struggle to recognize your own worth, know that there are people here who do. Try to hold that assurance in your heart.”

–Bailey Butterworth

We are the artists. We are the athletes. We are the activists. We are the dreamers. And with our exclamation points on full display, we are going to change the world. Thank you to the Class of 2020 for allowing me to speak today. I love you. And thank you to the faculty and staff of Moorestown Friends School for providing us with the necessary foundation to make our dreams reality.

–Aaron Klein

“By starting with truth and using reason, ideas slowly build momentum until change is inevitable. This is true in mathematics and technology as well as society. Momentum will slowly build little by little by individuals and small groups over a long period of time, sometimes over many decades until it becomes unstoppable and change seems to happen seemingly overnight. I remember graduating high school in 1977 with the problems of nuclear war and environmental disaster placed on my shoulders. You now also must deal with Climate Change, the pandemic and true social equality. We have worked hard to give you the tools to look at these problems with brighter eyes and develop new solutions. You are my hope our hope for the future. Remember that the future doesn’t just happen, it is built. I challenge you to build your future, build a better future for yourself and everyone around you. Dream, dream big and dream bright.”

–Math Teacher and Director of Scheduling Michael Omilian

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