Upper School Students Express Gratitude and Appreciation to Teachers

Recently the Class of 2022 Class Officers – Jason Strauss, Aani Desai, Trisha Nelson, and Ishaan Shah – worked tirelessly to collect notes of acknowledgement and appreciation from a broad cross-section of Upper School students. Some of the notes were posted on the bulletin board inside the Oval doors and in the workroom in Hartman Hall. More personalized letters were placed in faculty mailboxes from individual students. 

Reflected Upper School Director Noah Rachlin in a note to Upper School faculty: “As you wrap up your grading for the term, write comments, and participate in grade-level meetings, please know that your effort, energy, and care is seen and appreciated and that the work we do each and every day makes a profound difference in the lives of the young people we spend our days with.” He continued: “I recognize that message is most meaningful when it comes directly from our students, and so, with a tremendous debt of gratitude to our Senior Class Officers, you’ll find words of thanks from our students upon your arrival today.”

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