Upper School Clubs

Agenda Committee

Agenda Committee MeetingThis Committee sets the Agenda for Upper School Meeting for Business. Issues of concern to students are brought to the Agenda Committee for discussion. Frequently the Agenda Committee may appoint a sub-committee to research the issue and bring realistic suggestions to the Agenda Committee for further discussion. The topic is then put on the agenda for further discussion at Meeting for Business. Class officers are expected to attend Agenda Committee, as are Meeting for Business Clerks. All students are welcome and are notified ahead of time of topics to be discussed.
Advisors: Dan Christy Randazzo and Mike Brunswick

Animal Awareness Club

The Animal Awareness Club helps raise awareness of animal cruelty and endangered species worldwide. Each week, the club examines current events in the world relating to animals and their treatment. The club also hosts discussions on how to help and mend the problems that occur as a result of animal cruelty.
Advisor: Andrew Newman

Barbeque Club

Barbeque Club is “a chance for you to further yourself and possibly master the ancient art of grilling.” The goal of the club is to promote independence in one’s own culinary skills while emphasizing safety and grilling fun. Club members learn to master the use of fire, spices, and of course, Bar-B-Que sauce.
Advisor: Erick Cotter

Blog Theorist Club

Advisor: Alexia Henneberry

Chess Club

Chess Club welcomes students of all levels who are interested in playing chess. Students meet to engage in casual games against their peers and to hone their chess game in a friendly environment.
Advisor: Andrew Newman

Cooking Club

Cultural Awareness Club

Advisor: Josie Paolello

Dance Team Club

Advisor: Angela Wertner

Desi Culture Club

Advisor: Jennifer Mosher

Disney Club

Disney Club watches Disney and Pixar movies. They also do Disney trivia and host a fundraiser to benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Club members play games such as Disney Scene It and Disney Monopoly.
Advisor: Erick Cotter

Diversity Committee

Soul Food FestDiversity Committee is a part of MFS student government and is made up of Lead For Diversity trained delegates, representatives from each of the four Upper School classes, and two faculty members. This committee is responsible for Community Forum, for assisting the MFS community with issues around diversity, and for planning and running diversity events. There are two co-clerks who are chosen through a nominating process.
Advisor: Sarah Kelly and Michael Aviles

Drama Club

Drama Club provides performance opportunities to anyone interested in theater. At meetings, members play various “improv games” that test their skills at creating characters and acting on the spur of the moment. The club performs in the winter or spring. Many of the Drama Club performers are students who have had little experience acting elsewhere, and who go on to participate in larger roles in all-school plays. The club also attends at least one performance at a local theater each year.
Advisor: Angela Wertner

EA Sports Club

At EA Sports Club, students organize and play sport-based video games. They host tournaments in the Upper School to raise money for the TOPSoccer program.
Advisor: Gail Barna

Environmental Club

Environmental Club (E-Club, for short) helps prepare students for the New Jersey Envirothon by meeting each week to discuss issues and strategies. The club also helps raise awareness regarding environmental issues in the school.
Advisor: Andrea Robinson

Fashion Club

Advisor: Nicole Edmund

Film Club

Film Club is dedicated to the appreciation and development of student films. Members engage in discussion of films they view as a club, and they plan projects that involve the creation of their own short films. Analysis of style and content is encouraged and students are asked to see movies on their own for discussion during club meetings.
Advisor: Clark Thomson


FOCUS stands for “Fellowship of Christians in Universities and Schools.” This weekly meeting of students and faculty forms a group of individuals deeply involved with spirituality and religion. Christian values and Bible studies are integrated into the discussion. Other religions are studied and discussed, and recent events are analyzed from a spiritual perspective. This club serves as a source of fellowship, religion, and discussion and is open to students of all faiths.
Advisor: Sarah Rosenson

Gender Equality Forum

Gender Equality ForumThis group is open to all members of the Upper School community. The purpose is to provide a forum to discuss issues of particular concern to women. Topics are suggested by participants and include concerns at school, in their personal lives, in the country, and in the world. When a person suggests a topic, it is hoped that they will also bring some information about the issue or a clear statement of the issue to the meeting. The discussion is guided by the principles of being respectful toward one another and listening carefully to each other, as well as sharing personal reflections on the topic.
Advisor: Eliza McFeely

Girl Up Club

Girl Up is a campaign of the United Nations Foundation that aims to help adolescent girls in underdeveloped countries have a brighter future. The club works against problems such as child marriage and lack of education. Girl Up Club raises money and advocates for a positive change in lives of girls in need all over the world. (Girl Up Club is not just for girls! Boys can join as well.)
Advisor: Judy van Tijn

Glamour Gals

Advisor: Judy van Tijn

Health Occupations for Students of America (HOSA)

Advisor: Drew Newman

Hockey Club

Advisor: Michael McGinn

Humanitarian Aid Society

Advisor: Gail Barna

Jewish Culture Club

Advisor: Erick Cotter

Literature Club

Lit Club was formed so that people who want to read leisurely have incentive to do so. The club hosts bi-monthly discussions, and books are chosen by majority vote.
Advisor: Martha Reilly and Scott Hammer

Martin Luther King, Jr. Club

MLK Club is designed to bring together students of all racial and cultural origins in a non-threatening environment. Weekly luncheon meetings give students the opportunity to socialize and learn from each other during structured discussion of multicultural issues.
Advisor: Lauren Duwel

Ping Pong Club

MFS Table Tennis Association (MFSTTA) allows students play in organized ping-pong tournaments once each week. There are prizes for the winner (hint: it may or may not be fruit snacks). There is limited space, so first come first serve (get it? Serve!).
Advisor: Lauren Duwel


Coming Out DayDuring People Recognizing Individual Diversity and Equality (PRIDE) meetings, students discuss different issues concerning homosexuality and homophobia. This is a completely comfortable and open atmosphere. The club plans events to raise awareness, such as NO H8 photo shoots and Coming Out Day.
Advisor: Deb Galler

Service Committee

The Service Committee coordinates service projects for the Upper School. These include all-school events such as Martin Luther King Day of Service and the Keep People Warm Collections. The Service Committee reports to Upper School Agenda Committee.
Advisors: Gail Barna and Dan Christy Randazzo

Sports Debate Club

Advisor: Michael McGinn

STEM for Girls Club

Advisor: Jennifer Mosher

Stress Relief Club

Advisor: Emily Salazar

Student Government Clerks Meeting

Advisor: Dan Christy Randazzo and Mike Brunswick

Table Top Games Club

Advisor: Michael Omilian

Ultimate Frisbee Club

Ultimate Frisbee is a club where people play the friendly game of Ultimate. They host tournaments and events throughout the year. You do not have to be an experienced player to participate.
Advisor: Chris Kimberly

Video Game Club

Advisor: Michael Omilian

Volleyball Club

Advisor: Michael McGinn

Worship Planning

The Upper School Worship Planning committee is open to all interested Upper School students. Worship Planning provides an introduction to Meeting for Worship for new students; supports all Upper School students in the development of meditation skills; and provides ongoing education in the use of silence by a wide range of religious groups. They manage Upper School Meeting for Worship by selecting and training greeters and those who will close the Meeting, and by explaining the meaning of the phrase “the care of the Meeting” to the rising junior class.
Advisor: Dan Christy Randazzo