Beginnings at MFS

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At Moorestown Friends School, we know that early childhood education is critically important and incredibly influential—an academic experience that shapes the ways our children process information, interact with others, feel about themselves, and think about learning for a lifetime.

The Beginnings at MFS program lays a vital foundation, immersing our youngest learners in the fundamentals of words, numbers, friendship, and fairness. An array of special subjects, from coding to the arts to Quaker education, widens our students’ early horizons, and a supportive community empowers children to explore exciting new interests and abilities. Our Beginnings students love learning today as they build momentum toward more advanced academic experiences tomorrow at MFS.

Our early education teachers infuse the Beginnings at MFS experience with both professional expertise and empathy. We leverage the science of child development in a curriculum that supports the social, emotional, ethical, and intellectual growth of every student. We cultivate a deep understanding of the individual capacities and challenges, styles and strengths, and backgrounds and beliefs of each child.

Even the youngest members of the MFS community are going places—whether it’s on a flight of fancy at story time, a nature walk through a flowering dogwood grove, a field trip to the local post office, or across the classroom to strengthen friendships or peacefully resolve conflicts. We know these early journeys are among the most important your child will take—and that a bright beginning here can light their academic path for years to come.

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Great Kids, Going Places

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